Rihanna selfie results in arrests

Rihanna posted a selfie on her instagram feed last week of herself with a Loris. 

Thai authorities said on Monday that 2 men had been arrested on the suspicion that they were possessing a protected primate after Rihanna posted a picture of herself holding the animal. (picture below)

Rihanna posted the caption "Look who was talkin dirty to me!" with her posing with the tiny animal during a night out in the tourist resort of Phuket in Thailand. 

The image immediately caused outrage from animal lovers concerned at the exploitation of animals in Thai tourist areas.

Local district chief Veera Kerdsirimongkol said two men were arrested on Saturday on suspicion of possessing a loris.

Wildlife trade protection group Traffic said the image of Rihanna with the loris "takes global conservation efforts several steps back".

"The public often takes a cue from people they look up to, and when celebrities act in this manner, there is a real danger that the mass thinks its ok for everyone else to be doing this. It's not ok," said Senior Programme Officer Kanitha Krishnasamy.

Rihanna, was holidaying in Thailand as she travelled through the region as part of her "Diamonds" world tour. She also posed with several elephants in further pictures and commented on visiting one of the area's notorious sex shows.

Rihanna's picture with the loris received more than 231,000 likes on Instagram, while also sparking a discussion about the protected animal.

What do you think? Is it a big issue? 

Rihanna's selfie with a loris from her Instagram feed

Rihanna's selfie with a loris from her Instagram feed