Could this ruin Lady Gaga?

According to, Lady Gaga , has lodged a lawsuit trying to keep certain information private forever as part of a lawsuit involving two of the people who actually discovered her.

It turns out that there is a behind the scenes battle resulting from a 2010 legal case between Wendy Starland  (a close friend of Lady Gaga and one of her former collaborators) and Rob Fusari  (who was Gaga's former BF and producer).

Gaga has filed legal docs pleading with the court to make sure that certain information in the Starland and Fusari case is sealed forever as she claims that the information is "sensitive, private and personal". 

Further, Gaga believes that it the information was public that it could "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her. Looks like Gaga and Fusari have previously also signed a non-disparagemetn agreement, so as part of that, they are legally bound to keep the information private. 

No decision from the judge yet, but we're sure lots of people would like to know what the information is. Other people probably couldn't care less!

What do you think could be the information and do you care? 


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