New Eminem album...

New Eminem Album for 2013: Em's Producer Drops Hint On New Album Name. And Rumors The Possible Track List For New Album Leaked

It's been officially confirmed that Eminem's new album is dropping in 2013. Hype surrounding the Em is starting to build up some more.

Em is everywhere - From the Skylar Grey album dropped this month - executive produced by Marshall Mathers himself, to a leaked track list for his new album, to rumors regarding the album name...

Rumors are all over the Internet over the name of the highly anticipated album that's set to drop in the coming months (finally!). According to the buzz, it's between "NiNe" and "Redemption" with plenty of evidence supporting both.

Supporting evidence behind the title "NiNe" comes from a recent tweet by a man who goes by the name of Mr. Porter. A.K.A. Denaun Porter, this rapper and former D-12 member is one of Eminem's friends as well as producers.

In this tweet, Porter answered a question from a fan asking if he could at least give up the name of the new album, to which Porter replied "Yes it's called NiNe."

However, it should be noted that Eminem's name is not specifically referenced in the tweet, so "NiNe" could arguably be the new album name for any number of rappers.

The other rumor is "Redemption." This alternative album name option surfaces in response to an image of an Eminem album cover, titled "Redemption," which has gone viral recently. According to a report from Christian Post, the image might be a fake, but fans should take note that the title and image align perfectly with Em's last two albums.

And Website recently leaked what it alleges is the track list for the upcoming album. Whether it is real is still up for debate, but here is the list as to what the site refers to as "Eminem's 8th Studio Album Tracklist," the album alleged to be titled "Redemption":

1) No Regrets (Prod. Eminem)
2) White Night (Prod. Eminem)
3) Heavenly Gates (Prod. Dr.Dre/Eminem)
4) Never Gave a Fuck (Prod. Eminem)
5) Detroit Style (Prod. Eminem)
6) At Full Caliber (Prod. Eminem)
7) Final Warning (Prod. Eminem)
8) Lunatic Circus Feat. Slaughterhouse (Prod. Dr.Dre)
9) I'm Still Here (Prod. Dr.Dre)
10) Mr. Doctor (Prod. Dr.Dre)
11) Broken Toys (Prod. Dr.Dre)
12) Interlude(skit)
13) Enough is Enough Feat. 50 Cent (Prod. Dr.Dre)
14) The Task Force Feat. Yelawolf (Prod. Dr.Dre/Scott Storch)
15) Pina Colada (Prod. Scott Storch/ Dr.Dre)
16) Saturday Night (Prod. Dr.Dre/ Eminem)
17) Farewell Feat. Drake (Prod. Dr.Dre/Boi-1da)
18) End of an Era Feat. Jamie Commons (Prod. Boi-1da/Dr.Dre)
19) Black Magic Feat. 50 Cent (Prod. Scott Storch)


Escape (Prod. Eminem)