Artist gets naked on stage

Amanda Palmer Got Naked in Response to the "Nipple Story" by The Daily Mail

The UK’s Daily Mail tabloid paper covered Amanda Palmer’s recent performance at Glastonbury, they didn’t actually mention anything at all about her music, however the focussed on a slight (and clearly accidental) wardrobe malfunction where her breast “escaped her bra”. (You can see the original article here.)

Palmer wasn’t too happy about the lack of coverage her actual performance received and attention that was paid to her so-called wardrobe malfunction and she decided to respond to the paper through song.

At a performance at London’s Roundhouse on Friday night, Palmer performed a song in response to the tabloid and urged audience members to film it and upload the clip to YouTube so her chosen response could spread.

The lyrics to the song refer to the paper as a “misogynist pile of twats” and accuses them of “debasing womens' appearances”. In one verse, she sings:

“In addition you state that my breast had escaped; From my bra like a thief on the run”

Then she says:

“It appears that my entire body is currently, Trying to escape this kimono!”

And following this, she totally disrobes and plays the rest of the song naked.

You can see the footage below (warning... contains nudity, but that is probably why you are going to press play!):

What do you think of her actions?