Man jailed for playing music too loud

An Australian man will need to find a new place to play his music after being arrested for playing his music too loud.


The incident was the straw that broke the camels back. It was the sixty-ninth visit authorities had made to the nameless man's Yarraville home in less than a year, mostly due to noise related complaints from his neighbours of thirteen years.

Despite his lawyer arguing that he was naive to Australian noise restriction law, Prosecutor Michelle Zammit deemed his actions constitutes an act of harassment against the neighbours.

Justice Terry Forrest went on to reveal that the eviction notice was not solely issued due to the noise issues but also as a result of the drunken death threats he made to his neighbours.


After the hearing, the man expressed that he was "not impressed" where the judge suggested he invest in headphones.


Did he deserve to be evicted from his home?