Are the music charts manipulated?

Over this last week there have been stories about the manipulation of music charts in Australia. 

ARIA (the Australian Recording Industry Association) released on Saturday 22 June that "The Great Country Songbook" (from Troy Cassar-Daley & Adam Harvey), released through Sony Music Entertainment, was the number album and had pipped Kanye West’s "Yeezus", released through Universal Music Group. It was widely expected that Kanye West's album would be number 1.

However, the Australian duo’s album's time at number one didn't last long, when on Monday afternoon ARIA re-issued the chart, with Yeezus at number one.

As a result, The Great Country Songbook was actually in second position.

In an email to subscribers ARIA said: "ARIA would like to inform Australian music fans that, due to a data error discovered after initial publication, this week’s ARIA Albums chart has been recalculated" ... “This has resulted in a change to the top of the chart, with Kanye West moving to the #1 spot with the album “Yeezus”, and ‘The Great Country Songbook’  (Troy Cassar-Daly and Adam Harvey) to #2." 

Since then the entire music industry has been surrounded by conspiracy theories about the change, and today ARIA clarified that the error was due to a bulk order from a third party which had been incorrectly identified at some point during the collation process.

It isn't clear which label (or possibly labels) was involved in ARIA’s clarifications.

Safe to say, that people often think the music industry is manipulated and dodgy, but this may just go to show that there may be some truth in the conspiracy theories out there. 

How far do labels and artists go to ensure their albums are higher in the charts.

What do you think?