Iron Maiden new album and concert footage

Below we have some video footage of Iron Maiden's 21 June concert at the See-Rock festival in Graz, Austria. 

Some people think that this tour could be the last, as the release of The Final Frontier was the 15th album and Steve Harris had previously said that Maiden would make 15 albums and then stop.

But, there is still hope for a new album with Bruce Dickinson, the Iron Maiden singer, saying to Talaforum in an interview that in addition to their upcoming tour plans Iron Maiden plans to enter the studio to record a new album which is tentatively being scheduled for a 2014 release.

Check out the video footage below: 

Afraid to Shoot Strangers LIVE 

Phantom of the Opera LIVE 

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son LIVE 

Fear of the Dark LIVE