Anthony Kiedis fighting with security guard...

Red Hot Chili Peppers singer  Anthony Kiedis has just been caught on video throwing down a security guard outside the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia.

When Kiedis and a female friend tried to enter the hotel they were blocked by the security guard.

Check out the footage of the scuffle below.  It's awesome!

Kiedis can be heard yelling out "I live here". 

But it turns out it was just a case of mistaken identity. The security guard didn't recognize the RHCP singer and mistook him for some random fan of The Rolling Stones who happened to be in the hotel at the time.

Police broke up the fight before it got more serious. 

But it all ended okay in the end, with Kiedis shaking hands with the guard and he was allowed to go into the building. 

When interviewed later, the only thing Kiedis had to say was "I love the Rolling Stones".