Videos of the week

Deez Nuts Deez Nuts is an Australian hardcore punk band that formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. Currently comprising vocalist J. J. Peters, Guitarist Stu Callinan, Drummer Ty Alexander and various live Bassists, the band has released one EP and Two Studio Albums.

This is the official video for I HUSTLE EVERYDAY of DEEZ NUTS album STAY TRUE!

The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction have become one of the most well known hardcore bands in Australia via a hard touring ethic, a stunningly original sound and a commitment to creating a fun and exciting atmosphere within our punk scene

This is the official music video for The Amity Affliction's Fruity Lexia taken from their 2008 album Severed Ties.

30 Seconds To Mars

Check out the teaser for the newest 30 Seconds To Mars clip for Hurricane - which includes some topless Jared action, bondage themes and a mysterious figure in a rabbit mask...

Royksopp, Senior

Cheerleeders in a post-apocalyptic world with AK-47s. You can't question the ability of Royksopp to make people think... Check out their newest offering, a 10 minute film directed by thatgo featuring 5 album tracks (The Drug, Tricky Two, The Fear, The Alcoholic, Senior Living, and A Long, Long Way) taken from their latest album Senior.

"After seeing this particular work by Noel and Stefan, we were left in that bewildered state which we cherish so much; that confusing feeling one gets when exposed to something unesay yet pleasing. And that's exactly what we found in their vision - their urban dystopia is dark and disturbing, but in between we catch a glimpse of beauty - to us in the form of derelict (well almost), decaying industry. I guess we felt a kinship to this subject matter as it's the same kind of expression we dealt with on "Senior", although we spun it around the other way; there's initial gentle and welcoming beauty, but underneath lies a lowering dark undercurrent - occasionally discharging malaise from it's murky depths." - Röyksopp

"The film is a portrait more than an explanatory narrative. Our goal was to suggest a journey and communicate its emotional arc by showing disjointed fragments. We shot it in Detroit because it is exists as a contemporary dystopia. It immediately came to mind as a perfect location due to its importance in American history and because certain areas of the city are incredibly decayed. We didn't do any set dressing, all of our locations were filmed as we found them. We liked the contrast of seeing these surreal people in an environment that is absolutely real. Röyksopp sent us the whole 'Senior' album and we picked our favorite parts and made a mix that drew on several of the tracks. This worked really well because the album is entirely instrumental and is very cohesive. " - thatgo

Hot Chip

The boys have been busy leading up to their Future Music Festival headlining shows and sideshows... Here's the video to accompany the collaborative track Didn't Know What Love Was by Bernard Sumner, Hot Chip and Hot City. The video presents the artists and their music with different visual techniques, body doubles, live shadows. And an ostrich and a monkey.