About ilikemymusicloud.com


i like my music LOUD is an international online music community for people who like their music LOUD.

i like my music LOUD is run by a small number of people excited by and passionate about music. Too many times people have told us to turn our music down… well we say turn it up and play it LOUD. Concerts weren’t designed to be quiet!

What makes i like my music LOUD unique is the fact that we are not constrained in the way mainstream publishers are.  We are not restricted to “top 40” charts. We are not arrogant like a lot of other sites – trying to tell you what is good and what is bad. You can decide that for yourself (the same way you can decide how LOUD to listen to your music). We are open to listening to all genres and will consider promoting artists of all genres, artists young and old, as well as signed or non-signed artists. Our only requirement is that the music should be enjoyed LOUD. We just want to help with providing access to a variety of music and helping artists to get exposure for the music they work so hard to create. i like my music LOUD is about being LOUD and sometimes in your face.

For LOUD music fans, on this site you can find out about established bands and artists, or find out about new music or unsigned artists. If you can’t find it, tell us about it, or send us something and we can add it.

If you want to contribute an article, or just have a rave about something, then tell us. This is your site as well. So send us a message.

i like my music LOUD wants to support new artists to promote themselves and build a fan base. We want you, the LOUD music fans, to help identify the best new bands and artists and then tell all your friends about them.

For artists, we have created the ability to profile and promote you and your music. ilikemymusicLOUD.com is supported by our FaceBook page of millions of fans.

We encourage music fans to have a say and join our team by contributing the content you want to see and the artists you want to hear and read about.

Welcome to ilikemymusicloud.com!

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy putting it together and working on it.


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